Who Am I?


Way back in the day I was in school. Springdale High School to be exact. Graduated in the year 1998. A few months later I married my best friend Jaclyn. Currently we have been married for a little more than 15 years. Not long after we were married I landed a job at Dixieland Electronics. Not many years pass and we purchased a home, this was 2001.


While employed by Dixieland Electronics they changed their name to Dixieland Computers. After about 4 years of employment with Dixieland Computer, Telecomp bought the owners out. I was one of the few employees that stayed with the new company. Months later we moved to a new location where I worked till I was laid off September 2009. I had been with the company for just shy of 11 years. It was also the day before my 30th birthday.


I started my own little side business Fixed Innovations doing computer repair. I have since stopped repairing computers. Four months after being laid off, I found employment with Benchmark Group.


November 2011 I went on my first global adventure with my wife, this was her second. We headed to Turkey. Before we left we had been thinking about adoption. Our church does a adoption discovery class every few months. We attended one of these classes for more information on adoption. Once we returned from Turkey we started training with The Call so we could get started with the adoption process.


We had planned on adopting 2 girls. Well you know how the plans of man go, our 3 girls moved in August 2012. Our girls were a sibling group 15 year old twins (at the time) and their 12 year old sister. The twins just turned 17 and their sister is about to turn 14. This has been an awesome adventure. Adoption was finalized March 29, 2013. As life continues there will be more to come.