An Adoption Journey

I find it amazing, how our capacity to love can grow and change over time. How you can always find room to love more. Even when you think or feel like there is no room left at all.

Let me tell you a story some of you know it some may not. In 2011 Jaclyn and I came to the decision that we felt lead to adopt. Jaclyn had always wanted to adopt. I, on the other hand, was never convinced I wanted to go that route. Also at this time we were preparing to go on a global adventure to turkey with our church. We did not want to start anything at that time as we were going to be out of the country for a couple of weeks. That trip took place in November of 2011. When we returned we started the process of getting everything that needed to be done. There was foster/adoption training, CPR/First aid training, etc. We spent about a month on all of that. Oh, also several home visits after all the training was complete to get our home up to DHS standards. Needless to say but we completed everything then the waiting came.

We were looking to adopt older kids, maybe 2 siblings. We prepared for this. Also, we decided that we would not break a sibling group no matter what. So what do you think GOD had in mind? You may have guessed. We had an opportunity to adopt a sibling group of 3. When we were first contacted about them we were not yet open to receiving kids at that point. All of the paperwork was not completed yet. The adoption specialist worked over the next couple of days to complete everything. Later that week we were open and could meet with her about the sibling group. We meet with her and the girl’s counselor.

Once we had prayed and talked the decision was easy. We decided to accept them into our lives. Remember we planned for 2 and were accepting 3. So we had to make a lot of changes to the rooms we had ready. We completed that quickly. Normally the transition takes months so it is not a sudden change for the kids. We live in Bentonville and they were in Springdale. School was about to start so the whole process was greatly accelerated. So they would not start at one school then get moved to another. The whole transition was compressed down to 1 week. It was awkward and a super fast move. The girls were fully moved in just before school started August 2012.

Adoption was finalized March 2013. There has been lots of good times and some rough ones. The main thing that has been learned from this journey is the capacity to love is there even if you do not believe it. All you have to do is trust GOD to lead you in the direction that is best for you. It may not be adoption like it was for us but it could be a difficult path you may have to follow. The payoff is worth the good times and the hard alike.

This journey is not over and will continue to evolve and change. Do not take anything off the table or you could miss a great challenge and wonderful payoff. So be open to the journey of life and flexible to take those adventures on.

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