Family Time

We never spend the time.
We take it for granted never seeing family, never spending time.
We live our lives separate from the ones we love.

Sometimes they are far away.
More often than not they are down the street or around the corner.
We go months without talking, having dinner, spending time.

Then…. then it is too late. It is all over.
Someone dies.
Gone. Or they are dying and to sick to spend the time, to out of it to understand.
They are leaving or they have left.

It is over.

Forget about being upset because of some dumb reason.
Forget transgressions. Forgive. Spend the time or you will lose it all.
Once you lose the time because of reasons, you will never get it back.

Forgive, forget, live life with your family.
Call them, talk to them, see them if you can.
Never let the time go without spending it on the things you should spend it on.
Spend it wisely. Even if you have the maximum time it is still short and fleeting.

It will fly by.

You will lose it.
You cannot buy it.
You cannot take it.
It is one time then gone.

It is over. No more. Done. Finished.

Finish it well spend the time.

Love…. Love your family blood or not.

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