Worry Good or Bad

My life verse is Matt 6:34 (NLT): So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. This is what I try to live by, No Worries. So today’s question: Is worrying bad for you or good? Take your time. Like my life verse says, no, you should not worry. So we know you should not worry about things, but we do. So is it bad for me to worry? I think the answer is yes and no. Worrying can consume you and take over, making it hard to do anything with […]

Why Should You Forgive

The question is why should you forgive? I think this is a very relevant to everyone. Now let’s start with what exactly is forgiveness. Forgiveness means to pardon or end of blame. So for me to forgive someone would be to stop blaming them for something they did to me or that I perceive they have done to me. Will you forget most likely not, but if you have forgiven them you should forget. To forget would not necessarily mean we do not remember, but that we do not bring it up again. Forgiving someone is more for you than […]