Somebody please stop the ride, I’d like to get off?

Roller coasters, Ferris wheels, the teacups at Disney… To some this sounds like a fantastically fun way to spend the day. To me this sounds like some kind of horrible torture that would most definitely result in me taking medication for my vertigo. There are days that even though I’m not riding a spinning contraption of doom I feel like I’m spinning out of control. Some days this feeling is medically related but some days it’s not. You know the days I’m referring to. The days where your phone never stops ringing, the emails don’t stop coming and if you hear your name spoken one more time you think you just might scream. These are the days that I’d like to call down to the friendly amusement park employee and say “please stop the ride I call my life, I’d like to get off.” When was the last time that you felt like this, like you were spinning out of control and couldn’t do anything to stop it? Was it yesterday? Is it today? Now for the tough question, how do you handle it when those times come? I don’t know what your response to this question is, but I know what mine has been. In the past when these “teacup” days have occurred I’d come home, turn off all the lights and play Billie Holiday or Carole King as loud as my speakers would allow me. While this seemed to be a good method, it never seemed to have any long lasting benefits. About 6 months ago, my method for handling these times began to change. During this time God was really working on me and teaching me how to be still so I began to implement my new found knowledge when facing the topsy-turvy days. Instead of looking to Billie or Carol to be my steady ground I looked to Jesus, the man who said to the wind and said to the sea “Peace! Be Still!”. If He was able to calm the wind and the sea how much more would He be able to calm my out of control world. Now when these days come I actually get off the ride, even if it’s just for a few moments, and find a quiet place where I can pray, read, meditate on the Word or just sit in silence. Before I return to the whirling and twirling world I’ve left behind, I reflect on this incredible life-altering promise “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” As the time comes to climb back on the ride of life I notice something unusual, my circumstances haven’t changed but I have. The feeling of spinning out of control is gone and even though the world continues to spin, I’ve stopped because I’ve set myself on a firm foundation. So, the next time that you start to spin out of control remember that it’s okay to get off the ride for a few moments, you’ll be glad you did!

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