The Forgotten Birdbath

Sixteen months. That’s how long it sat there. Day in and day out I walked right past it on my way into work. It had been moved to the front of the building during renovations and had never been given a new home. For the first few weeks I’d see it and think I should find that birdbath a new home but eventually that thought faded and it just became part of the usual scenery. What does a forgotten birdbath have to do with our spiritual walk you might ask? I see that birdbath as a physical picture of those things in our lives that have been there so long that we don’t even see them. They’ve became part of the scenery. It might even be so well camouflaged that it takes us some time to figure it out. Maybe it’s Fear? Worry? Pride? Jealousy? Anger? This forgotten area looks different for each one of us. My area was worry, I knew I was a worrier but it didn’t really click that this was something I could (and should) be working on. It was as much a part of me as the many freckles that take up residence on my face. Worry had become part of my daily scenery. I walked around with it riding on my back for almost 30 years but I’d grown so use to the weight of it I didn’t even notice. A few years ago I began to really spend time in God’s Word, not just reading it but allowing it to penetrate the dark and forgotten corners of my life and guess what came to the forefront? You guessed it, worry. It was like I was seeing myself for the first time and I didn’t like what I saw. I saw the effects of my worry on everything and everyone around me. It was like there was a spotlight illuminating the corner of my life where worry had taken up residence. It’s a lot easier to make changes when you can see what needs to be changed. I’d love to tell you that after worry was under control I was done but that’s not the case. God is continuing to shine the light on those forgotten areas that have become part of the scenery of my life.

Interestingly enough,I finally had that birdbath moved just a few months ago. To my surprise it wasn’t made of heavy concrete like I’d always believed, it was made of plastic and it only took one person a few minutes to move it to its new home. Every time I see that birdbath in its new home I think of how long it took to get there, not with regret but with anticipation that if the situation presents itself again I’ll get it moved a whole lot sooner.

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